We are a hotel sales representation team that focuses on making our hotels be incredible and extraordinary. We unlock the hotel’s true potential and secure the revenue success it deserves.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all UK markets work together to enhance the success of our hotels. Most importantly with a small collection of hotels, we are able to implement a focused, clear and targeted activity plan specifically designed to meet the hotel’s needs.

Crucially for our hotel partners, this means we can react to their short and long term business needs which allows them to be more in control of their UK forecast.

Our team are passionate and have a deep respect for our hotel’s own branding and positioning and one of our aims is to bring the right clients with the right revenue for each property.

With an abundance of experience, the OA Team are specialists in their fields including leisure, consortia, corporate, roadshows, entertainment, wedding planners, meetings, incentives and events.

Everything we do is inspired by the values and experiences our properties offer. In such a competitive environment, our sales activity (examples below) will make the difference.

• Familiarisation trips
• Product training
• New business prospecting
• Protecting existing relationships
• Ensuring our hotels become market leader and preferred first choice
• Creating smooth sales processes
• Converting inquiries into business
• Consultation on budget targets, sales and marketing strategies, emerging markets and team structures.

Our hotel partners are an extension of our team as we are an extension of theirs. In fact some of our UK clients, have also said we are an extension of their team too!

Not only do we work closely with our hotel’s on property and corporate teams to ensure the right revenue is confirmed, we do it together with ongoing communication, recommendations for the market’s needs and at the same time, doing it with professionalism and fun as one team should.

It is a responsibility that we take seriously and it is one that we cherish. Upholding a brand’s reputation and taking care of our UK partners is not only rewarding but an honour. It makes us happy. And it makes our hotels happy too!

The OA Team – above & beyond sales representation for unique hotels & unforgettable places.