Getting to know The Zetter

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015

Who doesn’t love making new friends? We certainly do and our new friends of late, The Zetter Group are simply awesome.

The Zetter Group made an impact into what was the up and coming Clerkenwell over 10 years ago now and during that time, the hotels have evolved into being one of the coolest, most adored and relevant boutiques not just locally but in London also.

The Zetter Hotel, an urban inn, has a relevant modern design and when we say modern, we mean modern but not minimalist. Contemporary can be an over-used adjective but somehow it works here in a very classic contemporary sense. There is also an engaging buzz and abundance of smiling faces from guests and team alike with returning guests chatting to the non uniformed staff like a colleague or a friend.


Be quiet my rumbling tummy


zzzz … time to chill

The Zetter Townhouse, home to the Zetter Group’s Great Aunt Wilhelmina offers a London experience like no other. The Townhouse feels like an eccentric English pub with its crazy and cosy design …. there is no reception desk and your first greeting is the noise of the tinkling of glasses and teacups in the uber popular Cocktail Lounge.  Here the style is much like the personality of its owner – eccentric, charming and flamboyant.

Deluxe Room detail 2JeffersonSmith

Where Great Aunt Wilhelmina offers her wise advice

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone will be arriving late summer located in London’s enviable Portman Village. Home of Great Uncle Seymour, there will be 24 bedrooms in the Georgian townhouse and in particular, a stunning Rooftop Apartment with oodles of space, a roll top bath and an amazing terrace to love. We are counting the sleeps to the opening!

zetter townhouse flower pots

Instagram flower pots

The Zetter family are a pleasure to work with and their genuine love of their quirky methods is something they are very proud of  …. even their boxing kangaroo at the Dining Room at the Zetter Townhouse has his own imagery!

kangaroo zetter

Pink kangaroos are rare in these parts